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  • CEM DT-9501 Nuclear Radiation Scanner Detector : γ α β X Rays

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    DT-9501 radiation scanner: γ rays, α,β and X rays. It allows multifunction such as dose accumulating, maximum recording, hand-operated store, data transfer to PC in real time, data analysis etc.
    1. High precision
    2. Large LCD display
    3. Low power consumption
    4. Internal memory
    5. Data evaluation by PC
    6. Bluetooth interface
    7. Date reset
    nuclear radiation detector can be widely used in pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, power plants, quarries, emergency rescue station, metal processing plants, oil fields and oil pipeline equipment, environmental protection, security and other departments.
    Can be detected:
    1. Groundwater, pollution of radium
    2. The radioactive underground drill pipe and equipment
    3. The environment radon radioactive cesium radiation
    4. Radioactive stone and other building materials
    5. Special porcelain tableware such as glass of radioactive material
    6. Local radiation and radiation pollution
    7. There is a risk of radiation and landfills
    8. Precious heritage and personal jewelry harmful radiation
    9. Medical use industrial X-ray intensity of X-ray apparatus
    Ray type:  α,β,γ and X rays
    Range Radiation dose rate: 0.01 uSv/h-1000 uSv/h
            Impulse dose rate: 0-30,000cpm, 0-5,000cps
      Radiation dose accumulation: 0.001 uSv/h-9999 Sv
      Impulse dose accumulation: 0 -9999
    Sensitivity: 108pcs impulse or 1000 cpm/mR/hr in Cobalt-60 radial environment with power of 1 uSv/h
      Alpha ray: from 4MeV
       Beta ray: from 0.2MeV
      Gamma ray: from 0.02MeV
      X ray: from 0.02MeV
    Ray selection switch: α,β,γ and X rays
    Sensor Halogen filled detector
    Display: Dual LCD display, numeric with all inspection data, with bar chart.
    Alert: Can set alert value free, default set: 5 uSv/hr
    Accuracy: Typical <10%(<500u Sv/h); <20%(>500u Sv/h)
    Storage: ...1000 data automatically or by manually
    Detector working temperature: -40C ...75C
    Includes: DT-9501 ; Manual; CD software; Toolbox
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