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  • Flir E75- Thermal Imager: -20...+650°C ; 320 x 240 pxl; IR+digital photo + MSX ( Flir Systems )

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    Flir E75

    IR Resolution:320 x 240
    Temperature Range: -20°C ...120°C
                       0°C ...650°C
                       Optional 300°C ...1000°C
    Time-lapse (Infrared):-
    Area Measurement Information: -
    Spotmeter: 1 in live mode
    Area: -
    Detector: Uncooled microbolometer, 17 μm
    Thermal Sensitivity/NETD : < 0.03°C @ 30°C (86°F)
    Spectral Range : 7.5 - 14.0 μm
    Image Frequency : 30 Hz
    Field of View (FOV): 24° x 18° (17 mm lens),
                         42° x 32° (10 mm lens),
                         14° x 10° (29 mm lens)
    F-Number: f/1.3, f/1.1
    Lens Identification: Automatic
    Focus: Continuous, one-shot laser distance meter (LDM), one-shot contrast, manual
    Digital Zoom: 1-4x
    Display: 4”, 640 x 480 touchscreen,
    Digital Camera: 5 MP, 53° x 41° FOV
    Color Palettes: Iron, Gray, Rainbow, Arctic, Lava, Rainbow HC
    Image Modes: Infrared, visual, MSX®, Picture-in-Picture
    Picture-in-Picture: Resizable and movable
    MSX®: Embosses visual details on full resolution thermal image
    UltraMax™ :Super-resolution process quadruples pixel count, activated in FLIR Tools+
    Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2%
    Alarms: Moisture insulation , measurement
    Color Alarm (Isotherm): Above/below/interval/condensation/insulation
    Laser Distance Measurement: Yes, on-screen
    Measurement Presets: No measurement, center spot, hot spot, cold spot, User Preset 1, User Preset 2
    Compass, GPS: Yes; automatic GPS image tagging
    METERLiNK®: Yes; several readings
    Storage : Removable SD card (8 GB)
    Image File Format: Standard radiometric JPEG, measurement data included
    Radiometric IR Video Recording: Real-time radiometric recording (.csq)
    Non-Radiometric IR or Visual Video: H.264 to memory card
    Radiometric IR Video : Yes, over UVC or Wi-Fi
    Non-Radiometric IR Video Streaming: H.264 or MPEG-4 over Wi-Fi; MJPEG over UVC or Wi-Fi
    Communication Interfaces:  USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
    Video Out: DisplayPort over USB Type-C
    Battery : Li-ion battery, charged in camera or on separate charger
    Battery Operating Time: Approx. 2.5 hours at 25°C ambient temperature
    Operating Temperature: –15°C ...50°C
    Storage Temperature: –40°C ...70°C
    Weight/Dimensions: 1 kg , 27.8 x 11.6 x 11.3 cm (11.0 x 4.6 x 4.4 in)
    Contents: camera with lens, battery (2 ea), battery charger with power supply, front lens and light protection,
    straps (hand and wrist), lanyards, lens caps (front and rear), lens cleaning cloth, 15 W3 A power supply,
    printed documentation, 8 GB SD card, Torx screwdriver, cables (USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C,USB Type-C to
    HDMI, USB Type-C to USB Type-C)

    Datasheet: Exx-serie
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