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    The CS6MX-I is a specialist 'motion' detector featuring the famed C.SCOPE Audio Tone Discrimination feature. This advanced multi tone discrimination allows the user to detect the smallest and thinnest coins in the most heavily contaminated or mineralised sites. The CS6MX-I uses the latest microprocessor power to sift through, filter and then analyse the target signals from the ground, giving maximum performance and saving you valuable detecting time. The CS6MX-I features an extremely fast 17 kHz response and recovery time with a crisp clear signal. The Three Pitch Audio Discrimination allows easy identification of targets before even thinking about digging. A high pitch signal tells you it's time to dig. The Variable Discrimination Control allows further target analysis and the ability to identify and reject foil type signals. If you are not interested in iron, you can decrease the Iron Volume level and eliminate these signals altogether meaning the CS6MX-I is always at its optimum level of tuning. The CS6MX-I signal is a real time instantaneous signal which combined with the Iron Volume and Discriminate Volume settings give you clear, fast and precise speed of analysis on every find. There is also a Pinpoint function which switches off the motion effect so that the search head can be brought to rest over the exact target location. Every experienced detectorist has a favourite site that was once a thriving, bustling lived in location. These are the sites that tell us most about our fascinating history. These sites are the most challenging and difficult. The C.Scope CS6MX-I is designed as a specialist detector for these special sites.
    1. mode: motion
    2. on/off sensitivity
    3. Discrimination adjustable setting
    4. multi tone discrimination in all metal mode
    5. microprocessor filtering, analysis and processing of signals
    6. iron volume
    7. disc volume
    8. default automatic ground balance setting
    9. manually adjustable ground balance setting
    10. pinpoint switch
    11. two part stem: with cam knurled nut locking and hole and pin alignment and length adjustment. GRP lower stem with ultra strong bolt to the search head.
    12. control box: in rugged pressure tested ABS moulding. Hipmount facility.
    13. user manual only available in English
    1. frequency: 17 kHz
    2. search heads: 8 x 11" (20 x 28 cm) elliptical 2D
    3. power: 8 alkaline 1.5 V AA (LR6C) or rechargeable NiMH pack (HR6C)
    4. battery life: approximately 30 hours (depending on battery type)
    5. weight: 1450 g

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    703.13 €