• Energy Meter 230VAC 16A

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    Check each standby consumption of electronic devices such as televisions, radios, stereos and satellite receivers. The electric energy meter offers you a special comfort and safety in your home. The product also complies with protection class I and has a memory for its settings.

    The energy meter is simply connected between the device and the outlet. After entering the electricity price, you can start.

    By simply pressing a button, you can change the display to the measurement value that interests you. For example, current consumption in kWh, current electricity consumption or energy costs. MAX power 3680W

    7 modes:

    Mode 1:

    1. cumulative operating time of the device

    2. the current power of the connected device

    3. the cumulative energy cost per operating time

    Mode 2:

    1. the total operating time of the device

    2. the cumulative energy consumption in kWh

    3. the total operating time in days

    Mode 3:

    1. the time of operation

    2. current voltage in V

    3. real frequency in Hz

    Mode 4:

    1. operating time

    2. real current in A

    3. ratio between active power and apparent power

    Mode 5:

    1. operating time

    2. minimum power value recorded during operation

    Mode 6:

    1. operation time

    2. the maximum power value recorded during operation

    Mode 7:

    1. operation time

    2. unit cost per kWh.


    Product type Energy meter socket

    Number of measured values 4

    Measured values Frequency Voltage Power consumption Current Electricity consumption

    Functions Voltage display Digital LCD display


    Price (VAT included):

    18.67 €