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  • HD2010UC.Kit1 - Class 1 , sound level meter set ( Delta Ohm )

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    HD2010UC Kit1

    • Integrating sound level meter
    • Specifications: class 1 or 2 according to IEC 61672:2002
    • Type Approval: class 1 version is provided with Type Approval Certificate according to IEC 61672:2002
    • Measurement Range: 30dB ÷ 140dB (up to 180dB with ¼' microphone)
    • Linearity Range: 80dB
    • Microphone: ½" (or ¼' for 180dB sets) pre-polarized condenser, removable, optimized for free field measurements
    • Preamplifier: removable; can also be connected with extension cable up to 10mt.
    • Frequency Weightings: A, C, Z parallel; (C and Z for Lpeak)
    • Time constants: FAST, SLOW, IMPULSE parallel
    • Broadband parameters: from 3 freely configurable, up to(*) 8 + profile Lp FAST
    • Statistical Analysis(1): in 0.5dB classes with probability distribution calculation and full percentile levels from L01 to L99
    • Capture and analysis of sound events (1): with trigger function.
    • Combined Data logging (1): Profiles, Reports and Events.
    • Storage: 500 single records and, with opt. HD2010.O2 "Advanced Datalogger", 8MB on internal memory or 2GB on SD Card (opt. HD2010MC)
    • Interfaces: USB and RS232
    • I/O: LINE output of microphone signal and DC output of LpA FAST
    • Power Supply: 4xAAtype Alkaline or rechargeable batteries or external 12V stabilized power supply
    (*) required opt. HD2010.O2 "Advanced Datalogger"
    • HD2010UC sound level meter class 1,
    • UC52/1 pre polarized condenser microphone ½"
    • HD SAV windscreen,
    • HD2010PNE2 preamplifier,
    • HD2110USB cable (alternatively, on request, HD2110RS serial cable for RS232 connection),
    • Noise Studio(*) basic software (see pg.12 for data analysis software modules)
    • Carrying case,
    • ACCREDIA Calibration Certificate for sound level meter.

    • Datasheet: HD2010UC
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