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  • Leeb Impact Hardness Tester ( Sauter)

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    • professional measurement solution for product control ( HMM-Typ D
    Sensor: D ; resolution: 1HL
    standard block & support ring for curved surfaces included.
    Statistic Kit: shows single measured value, average, difference, MAX/MIN values, time & date
    Internal value memory: up to 9 values forming the average value of the group
    USB output included to print from internal memory
    • min. sample weight: Sensor D+DC: 3kg; Sensor G:15kg
    • min. sample thickness: Sensor G:10mm; SensorD+DC:8mm
    • min. sample radius(concave/convex):50mm( with supporting ring: 10mm)
    • size/weight : 150 x 80 x 30mm / 200g
    • measuring range tensile strenght: =b from 375..2639 MPa ( steel only )
    • measuring ranges hardness: HL with sensor D: 170...960HLD
    • power: 3 x 1,5V AAA ; power adapter
    • auto power off, empty battery indication, automatic unit conversion
    • includes: instrument, hard, case

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