• HD33M professional weather station set ( Delta Ohm )

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    HD33LM-MB.GSM X + CP23
    • Wireless data logger in IP 67 waterproof housing with Master RS485 Modbus-RTU interface for connecting sensors
    with RS485 Modbus-RTU output
    • As an alternative to the Modbus-RTU protocol, a proprietary protocol can be used to connect the HD2003 anemometer.
    • Equipped with a switched power supply output to power the sensors only when the measurement has to be carried out.
    • The power output, when enabled, has the same value as the power input.
    • A voltage-free contact input allows connecting a rain gauge. A measurement compensation curve as a function of the
    rainfall rate can be configured.
    • It stores the measures in its internal memory (from 120,000 to 424,000 samples depending on the number of detected
    • The data can be sent via e-mail, via FTP and to an HTTP server (Cloud). USB output.
    • With LCD display.
    • Sending of alarm e-mail and SMS.
    • The GSM functions of the data logger can be controlled remotely by sending SMS messages.
    • A direct GPRS TCP/IP connection with a remote PC connected to Internet is possible.
    • Power supply 7…30 Vdc. It can be powered by mains, through the power supply unit HD32MT.SWD, or by a solar
    panel, through the power supply unit HD32WSF.S12.
    • Operating conditions: -20…+70 °C / 0…100 % RH.
    • It can be wall mounted or fixed on a 40 mm diameter mast by means of the HD2003.77/40 clamping (optional).
    • Optional HD32MT4.6 protection shield from solar radiations.
    • It includes HD35AP-S software downloadable from Delta OHM web site.
    • SIM card not included.
    • HD32MT4.6 solar shield + HD2003.77/40 clamping (the antenna is always external)
    • Direct USB connection cable ( 1,5m; male mini-USB to male A type USB ).
    • Datasheet : HD33
    • Manual : HD33

    • Solar panel power supply unit with SDI-12 interface for reading the power supply voltage.
    • Includes a 12 Vdc / 7.2 Ah battery and a charge regulator.
    • The power supply output is the unregulated voltage of the internal battery.
    • IP 65 housing. Wall-mount or attachment on a diam. 40 mm mast
    • Includes the fixing accessories.
    HD52.3D 147 R + CP52.5
    • 2-axes ultrasonic static anemometer for the measurement of wind speed and direction,
    • U-V Cartesian components of wind speed, relative humidity and temperature
    • barometric pressure
    • Equipped with compass.
    • RS232, RS485, RS422 and SDI‑12 serial outputs,
    • NMEA, MODBUS-RTU and SDI-12 communication protocols.
    • Two analog outputs, one for wind speed and one for wind direction,
    • factory-configurable within 4÷20 mA (standard), 0÷1 V, 0÷5 V or 0÷10 V (to be specified when ordering).
    • Heater option available.
    • Power supply: 10…30 Vdc (15…30 Vdc in case of 0÷10 V analog outputs).
    • Installation on mast diam. 40 mm external and Æ 36 mm internal.
    • Input with 19-pole M23 male connector and 19-pole M23 female free connector.
    • 12-wire connecting cable ( 5m ) with movable 19-pole M23 female connector on one side, open wires on the other side.
    • It includes HD52.3D-S software downloadable from Delta OHM website.
    • datasheet: HD52.3
    • manual: HD52.3

    HD2015R + HD2015.5K + HD2003.78 + CPM12AA4.5
    • Rain gauge with tipping bucket, area 200 cm2, for temperature range -20 °C…+70 °C.
    • Power voltage 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc ± 10% / power absorption 50 W.
    • Standard resolution 0.2 mm.
    • Output contact normally closed.
    • Accessory kit for the installation of the HD2015 rain gauge
    • raised 500 mm from ground and the levelling (HD2013.5.1 + HD2013.64 + HD2013.66).
    • Flat base for fastening the raised from the ground rain gauge.
    • 4-pole cable. L=5 m. 4-pole M12 connector on one end, open wires on the other end.
    • Datasheet: HD2015

    • Tripod kit with adjustable legs for installing environmental sensors
    (anemometers, pyranometers, temperature and humidity, etc.).
    • Material: anodized aluminum.
    • Max. height 2 m.
    • It can be fixed on a flat base with screws or to the ground with pegs.
    • Foldable legs for the transport.
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