• Laser- kaitsekomplekt





    1. Made in Belgium: Whadda is a unique brand from Belgium's Velleman Group that offers DIY projects for hobbyists or makers who want to immerse themselves in electronics, programming and mechanics.
    2. STEM project
    3. Perfect for young and old: With this experiment kit, children and adults with little or no prior knowledge can take their first steps into the exciting world of electronics and advanced users can deepen their knowledge.
    4. The kit is ideal for youngsters and adults aged 9 to 99! However, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
    5. Please note: This kit does not include any tools. (flat screwdriver required)
    1. Technical data
      1. Specifications:
        • ATmega328 UNO Development Board (Whadda code: WPB100)
        • LCD & Keypad Shield for Arduino (Whadda code: WPSH203)
        • Active Buzzer Module (Whadda code: WPM319)
        • Relay Module (Whadda code: WPM406)
        • Digital Light Sensor Module (Whadda code: WPSE341)
        • Red laser module (Whadda code: WPM434)
        • Mini Breadboard (Whadda code: VTBB8)
        • 40 PINS 30 cm MALE TO FEMALE JUMPER WIRE (Whadda code: WPA414)
        • 40 PINS 30 cm INSIDE TO INSIDE JUMPER WIRE (Whadda code: WPA415)
        • USB A to B cable (Code: HQM601B25)
        • Template
        • Matt display window (lime paper)
      2. Specifications extra:
        • 1K resistor
        • BC547B transistor
        • Bolts M3 x 12 mm
        • Nuts M3
        • Screws 2.2 x 10 mm
        • MDF boards
        • Power supply: 5 V via USB adapter (not included)
        • Package dimensions: 175 x 220 x 65 mm
    2. Operational properties
      1. Instruction manual languages: Dutch, French
      2. Coding skill level: 2
      3. Electronics skill level: 2
      4. Mechanics skill level: 2
      5. Soldering skill level: none
    3. Product basic info
      1. Colour unit: Multicolour
      2. Weight unit: 390 g

    Hind km-ga:

    72.01 €