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  • Solar Tool Kit MC4 PV

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    The Solar Tool Kit MC4 PV is ideal for building photovoltaic devices.

    The set includes:

    • Crimping tool for MC4 connectors
    • Cable stripper
    • MC4 x 2 connection keys
    • MC4 type connectors 2 pcs (socket + plug)
    • Storage and transport bag

    Crimping tool MC4 for 2.5-6mm2 solar connectors

    • Hand crimper designed for safe and efficient crimping of MC4 type solar connectors
    • (both internal and female) on multi-conductor copper cables. Has three independent working slots.
    • Working range: 2.5 / 4 / 6 mm2
    • Material: tool steel
    • Length: 220mm
    • Weight: 500g
    • Ratchet Clamp Assist System (Automatic Release)
    • Hardened dies, fixed with screws to prevent them from falling out
    • The comfortable handle ensures adequate working comfort
    • The compression process requires little force

    Insulation stripper for cables 0.9-5.5mm2

    • Pliers for stripping single-core cables (wires, strands) or individual strands of multi-core cables.
    • Operating Range: 0.9-5.5mm2 (18-10 AWG)
    • Material: tool steel
    • Length: 170mm
    • Weight: 120g
    • The folding spring relaxes the hand and makes work easier
    • The ergonomic handle guarantees adequate working comfort
    • Ensures accurate cutting without damaging the cable core
    • Equipped with cutters

    Serial solar collector connectors type MC4 2 pcs (socket + plug)

    • MC4 type connectors (socket + plug) for use on solar cables. They allow professional connection
    • of photovoltaic panels, ensuring a stable and safe connection.
    • Rated voltage: 1000 VDC
    • Maximum current: 30A
    • Contact type: Cylindrical connection?4mm
    • Wire diameter: 4/6 mm2 (12/10 AWG)
    • Contact resistance: <0.5m?
    • Insulation material: PPO (polypropylene)
    • Cable connection: clip
    • Safety class: II
    • Degree of protection: IP67 (connected)
    • Operating temperature: (-40°C) - (+85°C)

    Practical case with 4 additional pockets


    Price (VAT included):

    37.67 €